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BOK-ARD-09301 Getting Started with Arduino


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
Intended Audience
What Is Physical Computing?

Chapter 2 The Arduino Way
Circuit Bending
Keyboard Hacks
We Love Junk!
Hacking Toys

Chapter 3 The Arduino Platform
The Arduino Hardware
The Software (IDE)
Installing Arduino on Your Computer
Installing Drivers: Macintosh
Installing Drivers: Windows
Port Identification: Macintosh
Port Identification: Windows

Chapter 4 Really Getting Started with Arduino
Anatomy of an Interactive Device
Sensors and Actuators
Blinking an LED
Pass Me the Parmesan
Arduino Is Not for Quitters
Real Tinkerers Write Comments
The Code, Step by Step
What We Will Be Building
What Is Electricity?
Using a Pushbutton to Control the LED
How Does This Work?
One Circuit, A Thousand Behaviours

Chapter 5 Advanced Input and Output
Trying Out Other On/Off Sensors
Controlling Light with PWM
Use a Light Sensor Instead of the Pushbutton
Analogue Input
Try Other Analogue Sensors
Serial Communication
Driving Bigger Loads (Motors, Lamps, and the Like)
Complex Sensors

Chapter 6 Talking to the Cloud
Digital Output
Assembling the Circuit
Here\\\’s How to Assemble It:

Chapter 7 Troubleshooting
Testing the Board
Testing Your Breadboarded Circuit
Isolating Problems
Problems with the IDE
How to Get Help Online

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