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UTP05 Network Cable Analyser



The Intelligent Choice
The Peak Atlas IT Network Cable Analyser is smarter, much smarter. The Atlas IT has always been a fabulous tool for identifying and analysing Cat5/5e/6 (RJ45) based network cables, sockets and patch panels. Now this instrument features new intelligent software that can identify cable configurations even if there are faults in the cabling. It will even tell you the differences that it has detected between your faulty cable and the intended cable configuration.
Simply connect one end of your network cable to the Atlas IT and the other end to the Atlas IT Terminator and press the test button. Within seconds, the Atlas IT will analyse the full connection pattern between one end of the cable and the other end. It then instantly identifies the cable type (based on the connection pattern) and displays this on it\\\’s easy-to-read green-mode display.
The Atlas IT now features an enhanced cable library, enabling the intelligent identification of cable configuration, such as: \\\”Straight-Through Patch Cables\\\”, \\\”Crossover Cables\\\”, \\\”Token Ring Cables\\\”, \\\”Ethernet Economiser Adapters\\\” and many more.If any problems in the cabling are detected, such as shorted, swapped or missing connections, then the Atlas IT will clearly identify these on it\\\’s display, showing exactly which connections require attention. \"\\"Tests\" \"\\"Tests\"
Atlas IT – Standard Package Contents:
  • Atlas IT Instrument.
  • 2 x Terminators (non-identified types)
  • Fitted battery and spare battery.
  • 2 x 300mm Patch cables for socket and patch panel testing.
  • Comprehensive illustrated user guide.
  • Full-colour cable configuration chart for 8 most common cable configurations now included in user guide.
  • Padded carry case with extra space for accessories.
\"\\"Simply\" \"\\"Insert\" \"\\"Press\" \"\\"LCD\"
Plug one end into the Atlas IT… …the other into a terminator… …press test… and results are displayed.
If you are not sure how to wire a certain type of network cable then the Atlas IT can be used as a quick reference guide too. Wiring instructions can be displayed on screen whenever you require and then the Atlas IT can be used to test the cable you have just made.
Easier than many other devices Supplied in rugged carry case with space for accessories Incorporates enhanced protection electronics
\"\\"Simpler\" \"\\"Outside\" \"\\"View\" \"\\"New\"

Main Features

  • Automatic identification of cable configuration: Straight-Through patch (4, 6 and 8 way types), Crossover (several types), Token-Ring, Cisco Twisted, Ethernet Economisers and many more…
  • Identification of many fault types including broken wires, shorted wires and swapped wired.
  • Display of standard wiring colours.
  • Compatible with optional identified terminators, great for multiple cable runs.
  • Protected against voltages present on live voice and data systems.

Example Screen Shots

Here, a simple straight-through patch cable has been identified: This example shows the results for a faulty crossover cable, note the missing connection that is highlighted by the flashing cross symbol:
Note that the identification number of the optional \\\”identified\\\” terminator is also displayed along with the analysis results, ideal for the rapid identification of multi-run cables. Depending on the nature of the cable fault however it is possible that the identity of the terminator may not be displayed.
Optional Identified Terminators (up to 24) Full cable analysis with extra Identification Display
\"\\"Up\" \"\\"Identified\"
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